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Gourds and Bombillas April 23, 2012

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Many of you have probably seen these at some point, whether it be in a health store or someone drinking out of one. Usually these gourds are filled with yerba mate tea leaves, and one can simply stick the bombilla (straw made from bamboo or stainless steel) and drink. Mate is a great coffee alternative, as the stimulation does not affect the nervous system. You will get a mineral filled energy “buzz” but will not have a crash or a gittery feeling. Drinking from the bombilla directly allows for ultimate mineral absorption.

imageI do not just limit my gourd use to mate. Since I am very strong on herbal medicine, I will fill my gourd with many different herbal formulations and drink it in the same manor. It is a great way to drink your herbs and get everything they have to offer!!

It is a rather inexpensive way to drink your teas and get the full benefits!

Here are some links where I buy mine. I prefer the stainless steel straws over the bamboo, as they last much longer and tend to not get clogged.



Yerba Mate

Here is a tasty high energy tea that you can try for yourself!

-4 tablespoons unsmoked mate

-1 tablespoon crushed cacao nibs

-1 tablespoon goji berries

-Optional: Pinch of fresh vanilla powder

I guarantee you will love drinking from a gourd!



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