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Being Vegan/ Vegetarian March 24, 2010

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So, being a raw foodist it is not possible for me to use animal products because they all need to be cooked in some way for their consumption. I also have a tough time consuming them with out a guilty conscious knowing what happens to them in factory farms and all. I have studied the issue greatly and it is terrible what happens.

Deciding not to use animal products was quite easy for me, and i dont miss it one bit. I didnt realize the ridicule it would bring. People are constantly debating me on the issue and telling me i am “stupid” or “wrong” or many other names that i prefer not to mention. Why is this such a big deal? Are we striking a nerve? Why are we brought up in a society that raises us to believe we need meat survive? Why is it ok to abstain for religious reasons, but not for your own moral reasons?

Please post below your reason for being vegan, vegetarian, or a meat eater, and also, what are some of your “horror” stories behind holding one of these titles? Please keep comments nice, and lets not “bash” one another for our different beliefs. Thanks!

Nana: Mariesa, you need to eat meat to be healthy.

Me: Why did you eat meat a lot growing up? (shes the healthiest 86 year old i’ve ever met)

Nana: No. We were vegetarian. We ate legumes.

This is why I love my grandma :)



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