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Day 3 with Vitamix: Green Smoothies March 25, 2010

So I’m sure you have heard a lot about the Green Smoothie Craze.  Everyone is talking about “Drink your greens!”  But why?

My mother introduced me to green smoothies about 2 years ago. At my first glance, my response was “get that out of my face” after first taste, i was sold! I couldn’t believe the green sludge i was drinking tasted liked a fruit smoothie. So whats the point of drinking green sludge? A lot. We should be drinking at least 2 cups of liquid greens a day. When you drink them, the nutrients and fiber and everything else in them go directly into the intestines since there is no need for them to be broken down in the stomach- the blender did it for you. This will allow your body to “clean out” fairly easy. Also, the major amount of nutrients will be easily absorbed into the body and quickly. This is where the Vitamix steps in. The blenders high speed awesomely sharp blades break down all of the fibers and release the nutrients that your body tries so hard to break down. These blades do something your teeth can not do.

My Morning Smoothie:

Hand full of Kale

Hand full of Spinach

1 Banana

1 Apple

a little bit of mixed frozen berries (this makes is nice and cold)

Sometimes i add a super food powder as well! this is a great way to drink a SUPER smoothie!

I blend on Variable 1, quickly moving up to 10 and let it mix for a minute. For a thicker smoothie i move it up to high once i reach 10 and let it sit on that setting for a bit. For a more juice type drink, i use no frozen fruits, only fresh.

The sugars in the fruit will always over powers the taste of vegetables. Having the greens in there will also help prevent a blood sugar spike from eating so much fruit. (This is not a statement made for diabetics) Fruits are high in sugars, especially bananas, but the greens help to balance that out with their fiber and protein!

What is your favorite green drink? Please share i would love to try!



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