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Upcoming May Health Series! April 26, 2012

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Eye Of Raw, LLC. Naples Center For Community Arts 12336 Tamiami Trail East Naples, Florida

Upcoming Health Series Schedule

Every Monday @ 6:30pm



  • April 23 – Video: Food Matters
    • Learn about the hidden secrets of our medical driven society, where pills come first and health comes last. Enjoy raw food samples from Chef Goji with a question and answer session. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!

    • Come and enjoy a gathering of like minded people: where health comes first. Bring a Raw Vegan dish for entry and enjoy the presence of vibrant foods and great people!  Free Entry with Dish!  

  • May 7- Introductory to raw
    • Learn about a raw food lifestyle and its basics: Why to eat this way, how to do it, and what are its benefits. In this knowledge packed short seminar, a binder will be provided with handouts so that you may start your raw food binder of knowledge! Some easy recipes will be supplied as well as living food snacks. Learn why to LIVE LIFE RAW!


  • May 14- Bump up your meals!
    • Learn about easy things you can do every day to make your meals better and get the most out of meal time! Topics will be covered like how to make smoothies, what to add to salads, healthy desserts and much more! Again handouts will be provided for your binder as well as snacks made by Goji!
  • May 21- Super Food Madness!
    • We always hear about super foods, but what are they really? Enjoy a short seminar learning about different superfoods and how to use them, and how they can directly benefit you. Of course, try as you learn! This is a seminar you will not want to miss! Handouts and recipes will be provided.



  • May 28- Make your own raw food!
    • Learn about how to make a complete raw meal: Appetizer, Entrée, Sides, and Desserts. Instruction will be given by Goji in how to make the best tasting raw meal … made by you! Handouts will be provided for your binder as well as complete recipes. A list will be provided prior to event for food items you should bring with you.





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