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The Oz Factor December 14, 2011

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I really want to address the Oz factor.

People seem to have an infatuation with everything that comes out of Dr. Oz’s mouth and are quite quick to jump up and do what he says. Working in health food stores the last few years has been crazy, seeing how the crowds come trampling in to buy whatever is on his show. I can  not stress how dangerous this is.

The other day at work I noticed a plethora of people asking for brown seaweed. Here is how the conversations went:

Customer: I need brown seaweed.

Me: Ok, is there a specific one you are looking for?

Customer: Yes brown seaweed.

Me: well there are many types, kelp, kombu, is there a certain one you prefer?

Customer: I dont know

Me: What are the properties you are looking for?

Customer: I dont know

Me: Why are you seeking to take it?

Customer: It was on Dr. Oz

Me: Ok, what did he say it should be used for?

Customer: i dont know

I then had one customer tell me it was for radiation from Japan, and then another tell me it was for weightloss.

This is scary. This man is on TV, knowing society blindly follows the media without first educating themselves, and having them raid health food stores in search of products they are unsure why they are taking.

The truth is, they were looking for seaweed with high concentrations of fucoxanthin, a substance that helps activate the thyroid in people with a sluggish one. To use this as a weight loss tool is dangerous, as it can leave you with a hyperactive thyroid. If you were to take this supplement and have a normal functioning thyroid, you can really screw up your adrenal system. For so many people to be blindly taking this now really troubles me. Just because he is a doctor people will listen to everything he says, and sometimes it is not for the better.

I am begging you, please before you listen to what Dr. Oz, or for that matter ANYONE says about health please research it out yourself and make the decision on your own. Dont let someone else make the decision for you.



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