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Improve Your Eyesight! May 18, 2012

So lately most of my time has been spent on my computer, either trying to finish up my book (coming soon!) or getting my online store together (coming even sooner!). We all know how bad computers can be for the eyesight, not just the fact that you are staring into a bright screen but because you are staring at something right in front of your face. This is the main reason our eyesight goes bad. Just like any other muscle, our eyes need exercise. If we are staring at something right in front of us all day long, our eyes get no exercise and they begin to weaken. We no longer take in the light as we should, and colors become dull and things get blurry. A few weeks ago, i began to realize how bad my eyesight was becoming because my eyes would become easily tired when reading, and i was often in need of my glasses when doing computer work or reading. Street signs were also becoming impossible to read. I did not like this one bit.

I started looking into the typical eye exercises and began to do them. I then was shopping at one of my favorite online raw food stores, and i saw pinhole sunglasses. I did some research on them and read some reviews and saw that people have had great success.

It has been only one week of using these constantly every day for 15-30 minutes, and i already notice a difference! My eyes are not becoming as tired as easily, and i am beginning to make out words better. I also noticed i do not need to hold a book right in front of my eyes to see the words. I am amazed by these and wanted to share them with you.

How the eye works:

-Light enters the cornea. The curved shape allows light to enter from different angles that concentrates into a beam of light that enters the pupil

-The pupil regulates the amount of light that enters into the eye, passing the beam of light to the lens

-The lens focuses the beam of light through the vitreous humor and onto the retina near the back of the eyeball.

-When it reaches the retina, it transmits the info to the optic nerve which sends the image to the brain.

Individuals with eye issues normally suffer with an eye lens that is too weak or a cornea or eyeball may be misshapen. When these issues are present, the light ray becomes focused in front or behind the retina, which forms an unfocused image on the retina itself.

How Pinhole glasses work:

-These glasses reduce the diversity of angles where light rays can enter the eyes, allowing only direct light rays with a narrow path to enter the cornea. You know how when you try to see more clearly and you squint your eyes? Its the same basic principle.

These glasses are truly amazing, and I’ve read of people on the verge of getting laser surgery whose eyesight completely improved to the point of not needed glasses.

If you are looking to ditch your eyeglasses and regain your eyesight, i suggest you try them out! They can be found HERE.



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