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Our New Rescue December 6, 2011

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Just wanted to share the new light in my life. Yesterday we rescued  an African Grey from craigslist. As you can see he is in pretty rough shape. He is mostly plucked, with only his wings, tail, and head left with feathers. He has plucked away at himself because he was previously kept in a cage with no toys and in a room away from any kind of contact. He was kept isolated from the world. He mostly speaks swear words and frequently tells himself to shut up. It really breaks my heart to see him in such bad shape and him repeating the horrible things said to him.
Yesterday was his first day out of his cage,  he is seven years old. He was unsure of what to do at first but quickly began climbing all over it. He attempted to fly a little but his wings are not developed from never using them. He is a little aggressive out of fear, but is desperate for a friend. We eat the same diet so in sure we will be best buds in no time!
It is really upsetting to me that people can be so cruel. Parrots are like 2 year old children and need constant love, attention, and stimulation. Scuttle is like an abused child. With time, love, good diet and a lot of attention hopefully he can be healed. I will keep posting updates on how he is progressing.
Before you decide to go to the store and buy an animal, please think about rescuing one first. Be the light that an animal may never get the chance to see. Be their second chance at happiness.



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