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The Baobob Fruit! October 2, 2011

The Baobob fruit is mostly found in Africa, Madagascar, and some parts of Australia.  Known as “The Tree of Life” by most, this tree can live to be 2,000 years old. Talk about the tree of knowledge! The seeds of this fruit have been found stored in the Ancient Pyramids because the Egyptians believed them to have magical powers and were held in very high esteem, and for very good reason.

The Baobob fruit has a higher ORAC value than Acai, has a higher USABLE calcium than any other fruit, and is incredibly high in Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, fiber, and Vitamin C.  It is also an amazing prebiotic, so it can be consumed before a meal in order to aid with digestion.  Baobob is fairly low in sugar making it a great fruit for diabetics and those with blood sugar issues that still want to eat healthy fruits!    

So why haven’t you heard of this Baobob fruit? Well, it has not yet hit the mainstream market, but I’m sure Dr. Oz will be promoting it shortly after it does. (hahahaha) Though this fruit runs rapid through Africa and is praised in Egypt, Americans still

have yet to get wind of this fruit. This is because this fruit has not yet got the “green light” from the FDA. Thank God for those guys, protecting us from the evils of superfruit!

So within the upcoming months be sure to look for new Baobob products to hit the shelf!




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