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I Am Man, Hear Me Roar November 2, 2011

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Today at the beach I witnessed a horrible scene.

A man was fishing near me and caught a shark. He struggled to bring it in about 20 minutes and when he finally tired the being out he dragged it to shore.
Upon the sharks arrival the man proceeded to scream “this is why we do this”and and stood over the creature flexing his muscles to show his domination. This is man. The human is in this constant determination for dominance and control. We see it everywhere, human vs human, human in politics, human vs animal. The fight for control is constantly there. Until man lets this go there will never be peace. We can not live in the harmony and tolerance everyone is preaching about until we give up the need for control and the need to dominate. Until this need is released, the peace so many of us seek will never be found.
Before we occupy streets we need to occupy ourselves.



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