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The Most Amazing Raw Vegan Brownies in The WORLD! March 31, 2010

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seriously, i have never had something so amazing in my life, i think i like these better than the cupcakes!

Bare with me on measurements, i never measure anything i always cook to taste (its the Italian in me). So use your judgement with my measurements! Makes 9 small brownies (believe me, these are so rich a small one is enough!) I found the base to this recipe online, and tweaked what i thought needed adjusting.



-2 cup Ground Pecans

-1 cup ground oat groats (optional)

-3/4 cups dates, soaked 2 hours (use 1 cup for a fudgier texture)

-1/4 cup cocao powder


-2 tbspn Coconut oil (dont melt it)

-1 avocado

-2 tbspn liquid sweetener

-1/4 cup cocao powder (this measurement is a pure guess, sorry. i just kept dumping it in until i got the chocolate flavor i wanted! use your own judgement!)

Start with the base.  Crush the nuts as fine as you can get them in food processor or dry blade on Vitamix. Add the cacao powder until it is evenly mixed. Start dropping in the dates one at a time until a dough like mixture is formed. Put this mixture in a brownie tray and form.

Mix the icing ingredients in a food processor. It will work best in a small one. I used a large one and everything kept getting plastered to the sides so it took forever. A blender would also work. Once it is mixed spread on top of the brownies and refrigerate for about 30 mins, or however long you can wait to eat them!

The recipe for this icing tastes like chocolate pudding, so you could even just make the icing and eat it as is! I tend to leave out the coconut oil when I do this.. Its soooo yummy!



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