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Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired? March 23, 2011

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Today it is a common thing to walk around feeling crappy. From runny noses, to sluggishness, to cancers, we all walk around like this is a normal part of life. Like this is something we are meant to be feeling. It becomes a part of our routine.

How many of us grab a cup of coffee in the morning in order to wake ourselves up, and have another at around 12 to keep ourselves going? How about around 2:30 when your crashing and grab that red bull? Americans walk around trying to constantly keep themselves going, often with tissues in their pocket and Nyquil on their bed stand.

THIS IS NOT NORMAL! All though this has become a norm in our society, this is NOT how the body is meant to behave. We should wake up feeling energized and ready to take on the day, with that same energy continuing all through the day. You shouldn’t be blowing your nose or be “fighting something off” all day. You should feel great all day every day!

Let’s think about this. Most of us have not so labor intensive jobs. We sit in front of computers, deal with customers, answer phones, etc. Back some years ago, in “Little House on the Prairie” days, everyone worked on farms. Everyone had labor intensive jobs, waking up at 4 to milk the cows and chucking bales of hay all day. There was a lot to be done.  They did this seven days a week. How did they have the energy to do this all day? Well, they most definitely were not running off of a Mcdonald’s Sausage Egg McMuffin breakfast.

The SAD (Standard American Diet) is exactly that. Sad. For most of us breakfast is considered going through the drive thru, eating a donut at the office, or perhaps nothing at all. This is what we are breaking our fast with! Sugar, sugar, sugar, or processed, processed, processed! This is causing an immediate spike in your blood sugar and in about 30 minutes a severe crash downwards! For those of us eating the microwaved breakfasts… think of all the processed ingredients our body is now trying to break down… with no help. The enzyme deficient food you are eating is sitting in your stomach trying to break down all of these chemicals, not knowing what to do with them since these are foreign to the human body, and not meant to be put in it! Here’s where you start to feel sluggish. The body now stores these chemicals as toxins, which causes weight gain, brain fog, acidity, and disease.  Those of us who ate that bacon or sausage with breakfast, once the stomach has finally broken this down 3 hours later, it is now sitting in the intestine, will it will remain fermenting for the next few days until you are finally able to pass it.

And we are just at breakfast.

We should not be sick. This should not be our diet. Unfortunately I’m sure 90% of you can read these above paragraphs and say “this is my day”, and this is why we are all sick!

You can change this! Start really thinking about what you’re putting in your body. It’s the perfect time to start! Make this year’s Spring Cleaning about cleaning out your body! Make a goal for ultimate health, and to feel 100% everyday!

Take small steps!

Here are some tips for you to start!

Keep your blood sugar stable.

  • This means never letting yourself be hungry and eating proper foods! We should be eating every 2-2.5 hours to keep our metabolism running. The first mistake people make is not eating in fear of weight gain. This is dangerous and wrong. You are shutting down your metabolism and telling your body to enter starvation mode, where it will hold on to every calorie in you give it. (I recently came across a story of a woman who weighed over 500lbs and ate only once a day!)  After you eat breakfast, in a few hours have a piece of fruit or…. Some chocolate! Yes! Chocolate! 25g of carbs worth of chocolate that is 75% or darker is an awesome way to keep you going… and it will NOT cause weight gain! Start enjoying your favorite foods and enjoy life!
  • Have balanced meals, not one over saturated with starchy carbohydrates. Put mostly veggies on your dish. Most of us go an entire day without seeing a leafy green! This is SCARY! Greens are very healing to the body! 20% of what is on your dish should be protein, not 60% like most of ours. Small portions of protein balanced out with a bunch of veggies and a small amount of carbs will keep you stable.


  • This is so important! This is where everyone makes a huge mistake… do not start your day off running on empty! You will not get very far! Instead, start your day off with a nice big glass of water! I drink about 1 liter of water before I do anything. Start with a big 16oz glass and work your way up! Start your body hydrated instead of dehydrated and you will immediately notice a difference!
  • My favorite breakfasts are green smoothies. They are fast, easy, and you can drink them on the go! Throw some fresh fruit of choice into the blender with a few of your favorite veggies (Kale, spinach, Strawberry, Banana is a favorite at the café!) Add some cacao nibs for a nice chocolate crunch and some ice if you didn’t use frozen fruit. Experiment with these until you find your favorite and drink up!  Starting your day off with some awesome greens in an enzyme packed smoothie will keep you going throughout the day!

STOP counting calories and START reading labels!

  • We are in a calorie obsessed nation, and look where it has gotten us. People look for the lowest calorie options and put tons of chemicals into their body—all for what? To fit in a size 2? How about giving your body the best food ever and feeling great and not restricting yourself? The chemicals in these low calories meals are killing us and making us sick.
  • If you can’t pronounce it—put it right back on the shelf! When you eat whole fruits and vegetables and, well, REAL food, there is no sounding out words! Just simple ones we all learned in first grade! And these are the best ones for our bodies! Things it can actually use!!!


  • Most of us put ourselves on this guilt trip when we eat a “fattening” food. Don’t do this. We control our bodies… actually even down to our DNA… with our thoughts. Think positively about your food and be happy with what you are eating. When you’re eating chemically laden foods, yes this is difficult and you can’t feel good because your body doesn’t. But if you are eating healthy, and you have that piece of birthday cake, enjoy it! Feel happy you are eating it! It will not affect you in the same way as it would if you beat yourself up over it!

Eat Your Veggies RAW!

  • Most of us cook our veggies literally to death, killing everything they have to offer us.  Microwaving is obviously the worse, (you really should just get rid of it) it kills 99% of the enzymes and nutrients in the food and also chemically alters your food so your body can no longer recognize it as a fat, carb, or protein! Steaming is 2nd worse. I’m not sure where we got the idea that steamed veggies were good… maybe because it taste bland and people have this misconception that bland food is better for you. WRONG! If you’re going to cook your veggies, LIGHTLY fry them in a pan with some coconut oil. Make sure they are still crisp. Obviously, the best option is not to cook them at all! Marinating veggies and preparing them in different ways can be fun and tastyyyy!

Pump that Lymph!

  • Stretching everyday is something great to practice. It will help push toxins through thru body. The lymph system needs pumping as it does not move on its own. Stretching and exercise does this, and it is a must for a pure body! My favorite way to get mine going is with some stretches, jumping on the rebounder (an exercise trampoline) or jump rope! 5 minutes of jump rope is equivalent to a 20 minute jog!


I can keep going on and on, but I guess I stop here… These are all great ways to start getting healthy and to stop walking around sick and tired! Start now! If you have any questions or would like help with a new diet, or just some more tips, email me at eyeofrawfoods@gmail.com! I will be happy to help!


Start your REAL Spring cleaning INSIDE, and watch your outside shine!




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