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Should I be Eating 100% Raw? March 27, 2012

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I get asked this question almost on a daily basis. Many people come to me wanting to adapt a raw food lifestyle, but feel like they have to go 100% or they will not get the benefits of this way of life. They also have this idea that there are “rules” they must follow.

If there are rules to the way you eat, you should not be doing it.

My response to this question is always “How raw do YOU FEEL you should be?”

There are no rules to this way of life. When you start to bring in healthy foods you will automatically start to move out bad ones. The more raw foods you begin to eat, the better and better you will begin to feel. Your body will automatically begin to tell you to eat more and more of those foods. The healing your body will begin to go through will only make you want to include more raw and super foods into your diet. You should never feel restricted. If you are looking at a dish of pasta like you really want it, but are denying yourself because “you can only have raw foods”, you’re producing more stress on yourself, which will cause your health to deplete, the exact opposite of what you want. Eat the dish of pasta, you will feel the difference in your body afterwards and will most likely not return to eat it again.

It is never good to do something in absolute extreme, and there is no same rule for everyone. Where 100% raw may work for me, it may not work for you, and it is important to understand that. You should never feel restricted. A raw food lifestyle is completely liberating, and it should always feel that way.

Pay attention to what your body wants. Listen to it after you are done eating. Is it satisfied? Does it feel energized? The more in tune with your body you become, and connect with it as one, the more you will know what you should and should not be doing.



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