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Fidgeting Around With Food July 10, 2012

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So i recently adopted 2 rats. One, who’s name is Edgar, he is an albino with one eye, and Fidget, a smaller guy with a few nubby toes. I have them on a very nice diet that consist of their choice of nutrient dense pellets or kale, watermelon, swiss chard, mango, goji, and a few other fruits. I also put Spirulina/chlorella in their water. They are very active happy rats.

A few days ago i began to incorporate rice into their feeding. I noticed that when i fed them the rice, they were at first unsure of it, but once they began to eat it they would run after it and devour it any time i put it in their cage! I began to think about rice. It is a starchy sugar. I know that our brains are wired to like sugar/starch, fat, and salt as a survival mechanism. (Today we have so much of these substances available it has become an addiction.)

I noticed that every time i fed them the rice, they would dig that out of the bottom of the food dish first, then go to the fruit second (more sugar) and then eat the greens last. This was very interesting to me as after they had consumed the sugar they wanted more sugar.

Last night my finance was eating some french fries (yuck) and i broke one up and put it into their food dish. I have never seen them eat something so fast. The little guy, fidget, actually ran up to edgar and stole a piece right from his mouth and ran and hid in his hammock and ate it. Shortly after i took them from their cage and set them on the coffee table to run around and play. They both snuggled up to each other and slept instead. This in incredibly weird, as they love to run around and explore.

This morning they did not wake up until 11am. They are normally up and ready by 6 or 7. I even changed their food, which they always come out for, but nothing. They didn’t even start moving from their potato coma until 11!  It is definitely back to raw fruits and veggies for these guys!

It is amazing to me how this clearly showed what happens to the body when we fill ourselves with starch, carbohydrates, and sugar. We crave more, go crazy on it, and then sleep it off the next day. We should be just as active and curious as these rats normally are, running around all day finding things to do and conquer, but instead most of us load up on comfort foods and put ourselves into this fog, and then sleep it off. Its no way to live!

Try fidgeting around with your own diet! Instead of that bagel you eat every morning, replace it with some fresh fruit like half a watermelon or 3 pears or apples. Maybe try a green smoothie! For lunch, instead of bread use a collard leaf for a wrap or a portobello mushroom for sandwich bread! Try snacking on some cucumbers with sea salt sprinkled on them instead of the bag of chips located in the machine at “F8″ for 75cents. Any little adjustment you make will make a difference in the way you feel on a daily basis. Go with the flow! Move in one thing, get rid of another! Before you know it you will be eating healthy and feeling great!


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