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Chickens aren’t Nuggets with a side of fries! April 6, 2010

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these are soo good we were fighting over the last one! taste like the real thing and are so good for you!


Chickun Nuggets:

- 1/2 cup corn

- 1 cup shredded carrots

- 1 cup shredded zucchini

- 2 tbspn olive oil

- garlic powder

- onion powder

- chili powder

- salt

-put the corn in the FP until pureed. add the zuc, the carrots, and garlic,onion, salt, and chili to taste.  pulse it, dont puree it you need the texture.

-on a separate plate, put the ground flax and some of each of the spices and mix it together.

-Now the tricky part: Forming the patties. This is so difficult, you have to get a feel for it. By the end i was a pro. Take some of the veggie mixture and form a nugget. Put flax on the top and flip in into the other hand to coat the bottom. Make sure its really covered.

- Place the nuggets on the teflex sheet and put in the dehydrator,  105 degrees for 7 hours. Check them now and then and make sure you flip them so both sides get dry.


- 1/2 Jicama

-  Tumeric

- salt

- Cumin

- 2 tbspn oil

-Cut the Jicama into fry shapes and put in a big bowl or zip-lock bag.  Put oil, and spices according to your taste and shake the bag. i used probably a tspn of salt, 1/2 tspn cumin, 1/2 tspn tumeric.  Let sit for 10 or so mins to let flavors absorb! I put them in the dehydrator for a few mins to make them warm because the jicama was in my fridge.


3 Responses to “Chickens aren’t Nuggets with a side of fries!”

  1. Your awesome recipes keep coming! Love it!!

  2. Alexes Says:

    Is this supposed to be 105 degrees and not 150?

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