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My Raw Chef Delivery Service March 31, 2010

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ok guys, i have decided to take my passion public. I promote raw vegan eating so much, but may people have told me “they just don’t have the time”. Well, Worry no more! I have decided to come up with a complete menu, and will do a delivery service to those that would love to have raw goodness delivered to their house!! I am so excited for this. I do not have a complete price list made up yet, but will in the next few days. Please send emails to EyeOfRawFoods@gmail.com for more information and requests! (I am going to do this for just friends/family first, to try out my menu, as i do not yet have a permit.)

Eventually, this idea is going to be made into an actual restaurant, when the funds are right! Please feel free to comment once you try! i would love to have feedback on what to change and what to keep!

Remember, all of these recipes are Raw, Gluten Free, and Vegan!


3 Responses to “My Raw Chef Delivery Service”

  1. you go girl!!! a vegan restaurant is my dream too :)

    • eyeofraw Says:

      i am trying to open a raw, vegan restaurant. i am looking at different schools to receive certification, and speaking with a womens entrepreneurship group that fund women trying to open their own businesses! Its like im floating on a cloud right now!!

  2. I was just thinking this would be a good idea for you…or catering! Good work!

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